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Information for motorists, public education campaign information such as car security begins at home and free-of-charge resources such as brochures, posters, multimedia, community guide, and print-quality PDFs.
Personal property securities register logo and woman on skateboard who did not check car was legit

Motorist information

Information about buying new or used vehicles and tips to protect your keys and reduce your risk of motor vehicle theft.
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NMVTRC poster with person two people cramped onto a small bicycle

Community education

A range free-of-charge materials such as brochures, posters, multimedia, radio ads and print quality PDFs.
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Front page of the NMVTRC local community guide

Local community guide

Online resource for local organisations looking to implement vehicle theft prevention events and activities. Print version also available.
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Car security begins at home campaign to protect your vehicle keys at home

Car security begins at home

Having a car stolen is stressful, inconvenient and costly. View our ad campaign, follow some simple steps to safeguard your keys and download a free home security audit.
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Man in motorcycle helmet standing at a bus stop

Protect your bike

Motorcycles are easily stolen due to their portability, the high demand for parts and poor identification. Follow some simple tips to protect your bike from theft.
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Choose a ride campaign video

Choose a ride

An interactive car theft video, linked to the Australian curriculum with teacher notes. Has a focus on 'Ethical Understanding' and 'Personal and Social Competence' capabilities.
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