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National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) Logo

Informing Australia on vehicle crime.

An initiative of Australian governments and the insurance industry, our mission is to deliver a culture of continuous and sustainable vehicle theft reduction in Australia by advancing reform and cooperation between industry, government and community stakeholders.
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Woman reaching for car keys from the car security begins at home ad campaign.  In the style of the heist scene in the movie Entrapment.

A range of players and motivations are involved in vehicle crime

From organised criminals who are looking to steal cars for profit-motivated purposes, to opportunists who are after temporary transport.
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Operating philosophy

The NMVTRC is committed to developing common goals with stakeholders through the promotion of the economic and social benefits of reduced vehicle theft. Its credibility will be judged by the quality of its proposals for change.


NMVTRC annual report, strategic plan and other reports such as the technical guide for the classification of write-offs. Also our regular publications Theft Watch, Theft Torque, Theft Matters and more.
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The NMVTRC's CARS service collect details on every vehicle theft reported to Australian police. A wide range of interactive data tools and services are available at a national, state and local level.
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Information for motorists, public education campaigns such as car security begins at home and free-of-charge resources such as brochures, posters, multimedia, community guide, and print-quality PDFs.
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