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Work in progress.

The NMVTRC's long term vision is for Australia to achieve the lowest rate of vehicle theft in the developed world and the significant reductions of the past decade have made good inroads.
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Reform themes

The NMVTRC plan leverages off key aspects of the Secure System approach and proposes a range of initiatives and counter measures. Our plan also focuses on building stakeholder capacity and innovation with a range of technological, communications, public education and knowledge sharing projects.

Disrupt separated parts markets icon - the recycle symbol

Disrupt separated parts markets

Pursue a range of countermeasures to:
  • Protect legitimate trading via the more effective use of commercial agreements between insurers, repairers and recyclers, and consumer education;
  • Modernise regulatory regimes to optimise their efficiency and effectiveness and crack down on non-complying enterprises;
  • Facilitate progress towards an environmentally sound and secure vehicle decommissioning system for end-of-life vehicles; and
  • Facilitate intelligence gathering in respect to the export of stolen vehicles and parts.
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Disrupt vehicle laundering markets icon - vehicle with barcode below

Disrupt vehicle laundering markets

  • Continue to monitor the management of written-off vehicles and improving high-risk vehicle inspection regimes.
  • Work with related agencies to improve the clarity and interpretation of stolen and written-off vehicle information provided to consumers and the motor trades via the Personal Property Securities Register.
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Divert young offenders icon - adult with arm on shoulder of young person

Divert young offenders

  • Support innovative means of delivering young offender programs which are consistent with the NMVTRC’s best practice model in conjunction with the business and non-government sectors.
  • Leverage the development of existing educational resources to engage and inform young people of the potential risks, consequences and long term impacts of becoming involved in vehicle crime.
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Capacity building and innovation

  • A range of technological, communications, public education and knowledge sharing projects. The local interest projects have been selected by the NMVTRC as they have potential national benefit.
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Better Data Utilisation

Better Data Utilisation

This new program draws all data-related activities into a single work stream to reflect the importance of optimising the tactical utility of the NMVTRC’s considerable data holdings.
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