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Stop Sneak Theft initiative.

Informing the community about contemporary motor vehicle theft issues and prevention is a long-standing priority of the NMVTRC. Currently, the prevalence of residential burglaries to access the keys of ‘secure’ vehicles is one of our primary challenges.

What is the Stop Sneak Theft initiative?

Stop Sneak Theft (SST) is a targeted grants program aimed at reducing the theft of vehicles in Australia that occur through residential burglaries in order to access car keys, most often by ‘sneak theft’ (ie. the thief entering the house undetected and taking the car keys without the owner knowing).

Stop Sneak Theft emphasises the importance of a collaborative approach to the issue of safeguarding car keys and securing the home. It encourages the forming of partnerships between local councils and community agencies/organisations such as Police and Neighbourhood Watch to promote messages that empower motorists to reduce the risk of having a vehicle stolen, and highlight that car theft prevention is a shared responsibility
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How does it work?

Each year, using police data the NMVTRC identifies select areas that are the hardest hit by motor vehicle crime in Australia to offer a grant package to implement the SST initiative. In the 2020/21 financial year, the NMVTRC is providing grant packages to a total of $300,000 to select municipalities across Australia.

Municipalities that take up the offer are encouraged to utilise the NMVTRC’s Pop. Lock. Stop campaign resources as part of their SST initiative. The Pop. Lock. Stop campaign is based on in depth, expert behavioural science research to better understand community awareness of car crime and the triggers most likely to deliver improved safeguarding practices.

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For more information, social media assets and grant application kits click below.
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